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Inside Petera Wiparata’s 3-year journey from overworked to overjoyed

Customer and Operations Manager Sam Talwar presents Petera Wiparata with 3-Year Long Service award.

When Petera Wiparata purchased a CrestClean franchise, he didn’t know what vast opportunities lay ahead of him. Leaving Wellington for Fielding, Petera left his family behind for almost a year to take a leap of faith and focus on building a business. Now, three years later, the Wiparata family are settled in the mighty Manuwatu and embracing their new lifestyle.

In previous cleaning roles, Petera endured long 18-hour days, leaving him barely any time to spend with his family. With five kids aged seven months to 13 years, Petera was determined to find a better work-life balance and financial stability. He’s successfully achieved both as a CrestClean franchisee.

“I’m totally happy,” says Petera. “I’ve been a cleaner most of my life. I used to work 18-hour days and earned not even close to half of what I’m earning now.”

“I’ve got so much more time for my kids. I do all my work in the morning and then I go and pick up my kids from school.”

The diversity in Petera’s workday brings a refreshing change from his previous cleaning roles.

“What I love is the variety in the work I do.  When I was with my last cleaning franchise, I cleaned one building for years,” he says.

“I’m not used to getting my own sites and actually getting rewarded for it.”

Having achieved so much already, Petera is optimistic about the future of his business and he’s constantly looking ahead to see what goals he can achieve next.

“I want to expand my business and I want to get a forever home for me and my family,” he says.

Petera was encouraged to purchase a franchise by his Aunty, Aroha Metuamate, who was a successful CrestClean franchisee for over 10 years. Aroha has since stepped away, but Petera continues in her footsteps. He’s particularly grateful to Palmerston North and Kapiti Coast Regional Master Franchisee, Shareen Raj, who has supported Petera on his journey to become a successful business owner.

“I’m happy. I really love the work and Shareen is amazing to us. She helps us so much whenever we need anything,” says Petera.

“I’ve been with too many people who treat me like I’m just a number. But with Shareen, no matter what you need or want, she’s always there to help us out. It’s really nice to have someone that actually cares for us and our business, not just themselves.”

Shareen has only good things to say about Petera and his dedication to providing a high standard of service.

“Petera has been an exceptional team member at Palmerston North and has been doing an outstanding job. He takes pride in being part of the CrestClean family and is highly efficient and always seeking to learn,” says Shareen.

Purchasing a CrestClean franchise was a life-changing decision for Petera and his family. From being an overworked employee to an ambitious business owner, Petera’s life has undergone a significant transformation. With three years under his belt, Petera encourages anyone looking to purchase a franchisee to go for it.

“It’s a hard decision, but once you’re in there you just fly. It’s really amazing. I was a bit nervous to start off with, but I’ve been here three years and it’s still wowing me.”


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