Cleaning is a proven industry

Own a franchise and realise your goals in a proven industry with growth potential.

Cleaning is one of the most secure businesses to be in. Commercial cleaning in New Zealand is a $1 billion per year industry. All buildings need cleaning, and there’s much potential for growth.

Every workplace, office, building, school, factory, shop, showroom or premises needs to be kept clean. Cleaning services are very important to both building owners and tenants.

Virtually “recession-proof”

Industry experts agree that cleaning, building maintenance, and related industries are virtually “recession-proof”. Despite economic swings, all facilities need to be cleaned in order to meet health code requirements and to create a favourable impression on visitors and staff.

Cleaning is one of the few essential business services that are performed to a set contract. Commonly customers contract out their cleaning services and requirements for a quoted annual price. The cleaning is performed to a set schedule of duties and routine, i.e. the same tasks for a regular monthly invoiced amount.

With commercial cleaning you have stable income from scheduled contracts

CrestClean franchisees are allocated a number of contracts adding up to an agreed annual Gross Turnover. It means you’ve got set contracts to work. It’s not like lawn mowing, gardening, domestic cleaning or handyman duties, where you may have a customer base, but they are not set contracts.

Your contract income is stable, regular and paid twice per month to your bank account. It is not a seasonal income, nor does anybody tell you ‘not to come this week’. Cleaning is a necessary task that needs to be performed regularly, without fail.

CrestClean franchisees receive a much higher contract rate

CrestClean is competitive in the market place, providing a high level of service using modern efficient cleaning equipment and environmentally responsible products. Instead of employees being paid a low wage and a large slice of the contract rate going to supervisors, managers and overheads, CrestClean franchisees receive a much higher contract rate. As owner operators, there’s no need for supervisors and layers of managers.

The commercial cleaning industry offers a lifetime involvement, and a successful business opens the door to achieving financial goals in life, such as home ownership, investments and owning rental properties. A CrestClean franchise is an investment in your financial security for your future.


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