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Our team uses the latest technology and industry innovations for regular contracted cleaning of offices and buildings.

CrestClean provides commercial cleaning services for offices, shops, commercial buildings, factories and schools.

We do not offer domestic cleaning; we offer commercial cleaning services only because it is a much more reliable marketplace.

  • We don’t do ‘dirty work’

    Franchisees don’t end up doing ‘dirty work.’ CrestClean looks for reliable contracts at premises where the owners and staff want a high standard of presentation maintained. After an initial clean when the job is brought up to scratch, the premises remain clean.

  • All equipment is researched and reviewed by our procurement staff

    CrestClean is constantly reviewing and upgrading all equipment used by our personnel. Our procurement team looks for advances in Environmental and Safety features, as well as equipment that increases productivity and efficiency.

  • CrestClean Environmentally Responsible Cleaning Chemicals

    The use of chemicals as cleaning agents is necessary to achieve a high standard of cleaning and hygiene. Crest has introduced a range of Environmentally Responsible cleaning chemicals, which are mandatory for our franchisees to use. This means that Crest can offer a unique compliant Green Cleaning service.

  • Efficient Microfibre Mops and Cloths

    Crest cleaners use only high-tech microfibre mops and cloths that ‘hook’ dirt (using less chemicals), and give especially attractive results on shiny surfaces like glass and tiles.

  • Product Ordering Website

    CrestClean operates a Product Ordering Website that allows personnel to order chemicals, cloths, polishing pads and other items that are needed from time to time. You can order online anytime. CrestClean’s standardised range of chemicals and cloths ensures consistent quality throughout the organisation.


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