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Fair Deal for Crest Franchisees

Because of concern in the cleaning industry about the low wages and poor conditions applied to employees of some unscrupulous cleaning companies, Crest wishes to make any potential customers aware that our personnel are paid and provided with a very “fair deal”, well above any industry averages.

As a company, we take pride in delivering a “fair deal” to our franchisees that allow them to build a future and a career for themselves through the ownership of a Crest franchise. Here’s how we provide a “fair deal” to our personnel.

Training: Crest provides NZQA certified training courses free of charge to all franchisees, so they are better equipped to perform their roles as cleaning professionals.

Remuneration: Crest franchisees own their own GST registered businesses. They receive 85% of the value of the cleaning contracts that they perform. The contract payments are remitted twice per month. Crest supports their businesses with a high level of franchisee services including bi-monthly GST returns, preparation of annual accounts and filing of tax returns. This ensures compliances are met.

Safety: All Crest franchisees receive training in Occupational Health and Safety procedures. When they are inducted into a customer’s workplace they will receive a full OSH familiarisation according to the customer’s policies. They will then sign and observe the customer’s OSH procedures. Crest franchisees receive training in handling chemicals and environmentally responsible cleaning agents to minimise exposure to harmful substances.

Environment: Crest has embraced environmentally responsible cleaning systems that are kinder to users and customers than traditional cleaning methods. We use microfibre mops and cloths that use water or only a very dilute cleaning agent. All other products we use including disinfectants are selected as “environmentally responsible”.

Career Development: Crest franchisees receive formal career development through the provision of NZQA training courses. They also receive group and individual mentoring from their Regional Managers in modern business practices. Most Crest Franchisees are able to purchase their own homes, and many have investment properties. This has been achieved through hard work and prudent business management.

Satisfaction: Crest franchisees own their own small businesses and they have the satisfaction of being the proprietor of their own enterprise. They make their own decisions, manage their own customers, and look after their own purchasing decisions. They bring their own style and personality to their businesses, and they take pride from the positive feedback that they gain from their customers.


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