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Franchise Association Code of Ethics

The Franchise Association of New Zealand Inc Code of Practice sets out specific procedures and recommendations for many aspects of franchising which must be followed by members of the Association.

The Rules of the Association and the Franchising Code of Practice are to be interpreted in the spirit of the Code of Ethics.


Each Member of the Association will:

  • Operate according to the Rule and Code of Practice of the Association in all its requirements and according to all relevant laws.
  • Uphold this Code of Ethics for all Members.
  • Promote membership of the Franchise Association of New Zealand Incorporated and adherence to the Code of Practice.
  • Adopt the highest standards of competency, practice and integrity in all matters pertaining to franchising.
  • Respect the confidentiality of all information, know-how and business secrets concerning a franchised business with which it is involved.
  • Act in an honourable and fair matter in all its business dealings and in such a way as to uphold and bring credit to the good name of the Franchise Association of New Zealand Inc.

Franchise Association of New Zealand Inc.
PO Box 276034, Manakau
Auckland, New Zealand
Telephone 649 262 4177
Facsimile 649 262 4178
Email contact@franchise.org.nz
Website www.franchise.org.nz


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