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NZQA National Certificate in Cleaning and Caretaking achiever Kyle Wood

Kyle Wood is the first Crest person in Tauranga to gain his National Certificate. Kyle works with his father David Wood, and his father’s partner Sandra Maxwell. He has his own van and customers within the franchise.

Customers note Kyle’s broad base of skills in his workmanship. He has an extensive knowledge about a lot of things, and he has a great eye for detail.

This knowledge comes from experience in various fields. In the past Kyle has mowed lawns, worked in cabinetry, machining, asphalting, blind manufacturing, retail, weed spraying and just prior to Crest was Head Cook at KFC in Tauranga.

Kyle first gained credits towards his National Certificate weed spraying in the Coromandel. Kyle completed courses where he learnt about chemicals, MSD sheets, sprays, health and safety and noxious weeds such as gorse, privet, deadly nightshade, rag-wart and wing thistles.

Kyle became ‘Head Cook’ at KFC and trained other staff how to cook KFC. Kyle warns us all about the excessive amount of salt in KFC!  At KFC, Kyle completed courses in Food Hygiene, Hospitality and First Aid, these credits all went towards his National Certificate.

Kyle left KFC to work for David and Sandra as he saw the opportunity to earn a higher income when he knew he was going to become a father. Kyle now has a 10 month old daughter, Sahara –Lilly.

When Kyle is not busy working, he spends time with his family. He also enjoys a game of darts and evidently he is very hard to beat. Anyone up for the challenge?


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