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The Value of Cleaning

The Value of Cleaning stretches well beyond that of mere appearance. It is an investment in human health, the workplace environment and an improved bottom line.

In recent years international research has focused on the impact that proper cleaning has on reducing absenteeism, and in turn how reduced absenteeism increases productivity and ultimately profitability.

Some larger organisations have tracked lost productivity for periods before and after investing in improved cleaning, and noted significant reductions in absenteeism. This is put down to the impact proper cleaning and frequencies have on reducing the risk of workplace cross-contamination (the spreading of germs and bacteria between people, from touching food, tools, equipment and surfaces).

In the drive to help Kiwi companies improve workplace productivity, CrestClean has gathered examples of this research:

ISSA Value of Clean Context Information

The included document was released in 2011, and summarises contemporary research into, Absenteeism, Productivity, Image Enhancement, Presenteeism and tools to calculate the “Value of Clean”, which is the concept of the value of proper cleaning as it affects organisations.