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Crest Success Story – Ani Cribb

Ani Cribb has achieved her business goal of growing from $50,000 to $70,000, now she wants to keep going to $100,000!

She is looking at employing someone else to help her run her expanding business. When asked about her goals Ani said she is “looking forward to a holiday in Los Vegas and buying a house at Waimarama Beach” where she is currently renting. She is excited about a house that is coming available soon.

Ani likes the fact she doesn’t have to worry about ‘all the GST stuff’ that we take care of for her. She has a great relationship with the staff at TeTaiwhenua which is her largest contract and a place she is passionate about, she sometimes goes in on her weekend ‘to have a good scrub’ and insure the place is looking great for the new week ahead.

Ani also plays in a band in her spare time and is actively involved in the community, she is an inspiring woman who is doing very well with her Crest business, well done Ani!