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Ian Brown Celebrates 3 years of Service

Ian-Brown-465Ian commenced his franchise with Crest three years ago and recently received his three year long service award.

“I still love every minute of working with Crest” says Ian.

He receives wonderful comments from his clients as to the quality of the cleaning that he provides for them. Ian commented that his Franchise is a great “Lifestyle opportunity” as he resides just out of Town on his own lifestyle block, and has plenty of time to look after his property and enjoy his rural outlook (even though he is only 10 minutes from town).

Ian has his own stand of trees for firewood – dropping a couple of trees at a time and splitting and storing the next years supply to keep the home fires burning. He is the only franchisee in Invercargill that has his own Duck pond at the back of his property – the pond looked decidedly empty the day after Duck Shooting season started but I think his freezer is now pretty full!