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CrestClean Gets Tag of Approval

North Harbour Franchisee Samir Patel recently became a certified Test and Tag inspector.

North Harbour Franchisee Samir Patel recently became a certified Test and Tag inspector.

As part of CrestClean’s commitment to safety and compliance for franchisees and clients, all electrical equipment, such as vacuums and floor polishing machines, must be tested and tagged every six months.

While Crest usually contracts out routine testing, one entrepreneurial franchisee has brought Test and Tag capabilities in-house.

North Harbour franchisee Samir Patel recently underwent Electrical Test and Tag training to become a certified inspector. The full day training course, which does not require you to be an electrician, teaches the basic principles of safety testing and permits inspectors to test and tag electrical equipment for one year.

North Harbour Regional Director Neil Kumar says he initiated the training. “I approached our franchisees and asked why don’t you get trained for Test and Tag. We don’t have that many machines so I thought to have one franchisee to do it twice a year. Rather than pay the money to someone else, why don’t we pay one of our own to do it and support our own company.”

Samir now offers a ten percent discount to other franchisees in the area who need their equipment safety tested and tagged in accordance with New Zealand regulations.

“It’s great to have Samir do the testing for our team of 30 franchise owners,” comments Neil.




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