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Hamilton Teams Shine

Hamilton’s Crest Teams are ready to clean at Livestock Improvement Corporation.

Hamilton’s Crest Teams are ready to clean at Livestock Improvement Corporation.

CrestClean is now providing cleaning services to the Hamilton sites of Livestock Improvement Corporation (LIC). Waikato Regional Director Nivitesh Kumar says he was approached by LIC’s procurement manager several months ago and that CrestClean’s solid reputation with other dairy industry clients helped to secure the contract. “They’re extremely happy with the transition and what’s going on now,” he says.

Livestock Improvement Corporation (LIC) is a multinational dairy farmer-owned cooperative based in the Waikato region, which employs more than 550 people and has provided genetics expertise, information and technology to the dairy industry for more than 100 years.

Chris Barker, CrestClean’s National Sales Manager, says securing this significant contract involved several meetings and presentations with stakeholders in the organisation over a period of several months. Key to CrestClean’s success was demonstrating our solid business systems, managerial support and our Health, Safety and Environmental Management policies.

Chris says the smooth transition was greatly helped by having CrestClean’s Regional Coordinator, Julie Griffin, on site to assist the CrestClean teams during the first few days.

Nivitesh says so far, “It’s going great. There have been no issues.” Already, Hamilton Franchisees Louis Meyer and William John have been awarded with Certificates of Excellence, for providing superior customer service and top marks for quality cleaning at LIC.


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