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No Leaky Buckets Here

Hawkes Bay Regional Director Abby Latu on site at Analytical Research Laboratories with manager Rebecca Withnall.

Hawkes Bay Regional Director Abby Latu on site at Analytical Research Laboratories with manager Rebecca Withnall.

Quality audits are a keystone of CrestClean’s commitment to customer care and a routine part of our Regional Directors’ jobs.

Hawkes Bay Regional Director Abby Latu says it can be an interesting experience, in particular during a recent visit to Analytical Research Laboratories, a soil and plant testing facility owned by Ravensdown. “We need to go in with lab coats on and though we don’t clean some parts of their research areas, I had a chance to learn more about what they do there. We had a really good audit and I had an opportunity to discuss our new Health and Safety policy with their manager.”

CrestClean is on site twice weekly to perform basic cleaning services, with additional window cleaning and waterblasting of the outside of their buildings on a quarterly basis. One of the concerns specific to cleaning the laboratory that CrestClean Franchisee Jay Gounder must remain aware of is the types of chemicals they have on site, as well as where and how they are stored.

The laboratory’s manager, Rebecca Withnall says that working with CrestClean has been a good experience. “It’s great to see that Crest has a standard that they expect and the audits are a way to check this standard is being applied,” she says.

Abby says performing audits every quarter, along with occasional emails and phone calls to check in and relay industry news, gives her peace of mind that her region is operating smoothly. “It’s important to keep getting new business, but it’s equally important to manage existing franchisees and existing customers,” she says. “I call it the leaky bucket syndrome. You don’t want to do all this work getting new customers without making sure you’re taking good care of your existing customers.”


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