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Training Up 40 Percent at Master Cleaners

Hard Floor Care was incredibly popular in 2014, resulting in the creation of 19 new Hard Floor Care Trainers.

Hard Floor Care was incredibly popular in 2014, resulting in the creation of 19 new Hard Floor Care Trainers.

The number of CrestClean personnel trained at Master Cleaners Training Institute increased by more than 40 percent in 2014.

“This is just part of growth as we see it and we intend to proceed along the same growth path next year,” says Adam Hodge, CEO of Master Cleaners Training Institute.

The following numbers are not exact, as some events are still occurring, but the increase over 2013 figures shows that the training programmes on offer are popular among Crest franchisees. It also indicates that more franchisees are taking time to invest in learning specialist skills, such as Hard Floor Care and Pure Water Window Cleaning.

“We’re now doubling the number of Regional Trainers and Assessors in order to meet the growing business demand,” says Adam. “And we have introduced 19 new positions for Hard Floor Care Trainers.”

That’s almost one for each region where Crest operates.

“There’s also one new position for a Pure Water Window Cleaning Trainer,” Adam adds. It was the inaugural year for that service and we succeeded in training 27 people, who are now in the field successfully operating the system.”

Another highlight of the year was the achievement of 36 NZQA credits for Master Cleaners Training Institute’s core curriculum, the Cleaning Professionals Skills Suite. The trio of skills courses is also accredited by the British Institute of Cleaning Sciences.

“The plan for 2015 is to achieve the full 45 credits for the NZQA National Certificate in Cleaning and Caretaking, so we’ll be double badged,” says Adam. “That will be a first in New Zealand.”

Even though he’s constantly travelling and leading training events in the field, Adam says he couldn’t have done it alone. “I’ve really been impressed with the professionalism of the Induction Trainers, the Regional Trainers and Assessors, as well as invaluable support of Rachael Hanna, the Training Co-ordinator. They’ve really outdone themselves and are absolutely part of this success.”

Master Cleaners Training Institute Numbers from April – November 2014:

Cleaning Professional Skills Suite Module 1 = 216

CPSS Certificate Assessment = 196

Hard Floor Care = 110

Hard Floor Care Trainers = 19

Annual Upskilling = 220

Pure Water Window Cleaning = 27



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