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Happy Chinese New Year

Auckland’s annual Lantern Festival is a good time to join in the Chinese New Year festivities.

Auckland’s annual Lantern Festival is a good time to join in the Chinese New Year festivities.

It’s the Lunar New Year in China and CrestClean wishes everyone a happy and prosperous Year of the Goat….or is it Sheep? Or Ram? There’s some confusion as the Mandarin word “yang” translates to “horned” animal and connotes all three possibilities.

Whatever your horned animal affiliation, people born this year (or 12 years ago as the Chinese zodiac assigns each year a different animal on a 12 year rotation) should anticipate an auspicious financial year. However, prices may be tumultuous and some are predicting an increase in natural disasters and other destablising events.

The Chinese New Year begins on the first day of the first lunar month of the year, which was 19th February, and celebrations will continue for 15 days until the moon is full.

It’s a time when many Chinese living overseas return home to be with their families. However, Aucklanders can look forward to the Lantern Festival on 27th February-1st March, which will feature 800 handmade lanterns, as well as lots of food, crafts and performances. In Wellington, there are also several days of ongoing celebrations and activities along the waterfront.

The International Business Times has compiled a list of interesting facts about this Chinese New Year.

Safe travels and Happy New Year to all who are enjoying the festivities!


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