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Otaki School ‘Over the Moon’ with Crest Term Clean

Tepuke Pola and his CrestClean team impressed the principal and staff at Otaki School.

Tepuke Pola and his CrestClean team impressed the principal and staff at Otaki School.

First impressions are very important – for schools and commercial cleaners.

To prepare for the new year, Otaki School decided to do a full Term Clean during the Christmas holiday and Principal Chris Derbidge called in CrestClean for the one-off job.

Kapiti Coast franchisee Tepuke Pola and his team ticked all the boxes on Crest’s Term Clean Checklist and the results garnered instant praise, says Regional Manager Steve O’Connell. “They’re over the moon,” he says. “The principal told me he was very pleased with the clean and that the school hasn’t looked so good in a long time.”

Positive feedback has been coming from the staff, as well, says Principal Derbidge. “All the teachers are saying their rooms are so nice and clean.”

“We walked in and noticed a difference right away,” he adds. “Just looking at the glass around the admin area, it was so clean and so clear, without any fingerprints. All the corners and hard to reach areas had been cleaned.”

Not only that, Principal Derbidge was impressed with Tepuke and his team’s professionalism. “They were very personable and easy to work with and also very trustworthy,” he says. “Security is a concern here with all the IT and computers, but I felt comfortable giving them the keys to the school.”

Not only would Principal Derbidge love to arrange future term cleans, he’s interested in the possibility of having CrestClean do the daily school cleaning, as well. Otaki School serves about 200 children, years 1-8, so it would be a busy job, but he says, “It’s important the kids come back to a nice clean hygienic school.”


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