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Before and After School Urinals

Before photograph of a urinal.

Before CrestClean go on the scene.

Before and after photograph of a urinal.

After CrestClean have been: what a difference for the students who use this school urinal!

During student holidays, many CrestClean franchisees do special Term Cleans of the schools in their regions. This takes a more thorough “spring cleaning” approach that involves going the extra mile, with a full carpet cleaning and polishing of all hard floors in most cases. It can also be an opportunity to tackle a larger project or clean an area that’s been neglected.

CrestClean’s Christchurch North Regional Manager Yasa Panagoda had such a challenge in mind for one of his new customers, a local school. “I couldn’t believe the urinal when I saw it. It hadn’t been cleaned at all and there was a build-up of algae and dirt. You name it, it had everything,” says Yasa, who noticed the urinals during his first walk through of the school after they switched to CrestClean.

CrestClean franchisee team, Priyanka Raju and Titus Samuel, had recently begun cleaning the school and they weren’t sure they’d be able to bring these urinals back from the brink, but they decided to try.

“Titus and Priyanka tackled the challenge and did a really good scrubbing and cleaning,” says Yasa. “It was impressive to see it come off and the customer is extremely happy, as am I.”

Often, organisms in the water are the reason for algal growth, which is something that can easily be remedied with bleach tablets. “This will prevent growth from occurring in the future and is not a difficult thing to fix, but you have to know what to do,” says Yasa. “These are the kinds of solutions you learn during the training courses at CrestClean and part of what makes us able to provide more thorough, skilled and effective service for customers.”


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