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Enriching Franchisees Experience

CrestClean Enriching Franchisees Experience.

General Manager of Admin Services Jacqui Hannagan and General Manager of Franchise Services Sam Lewis.

Continuing to cement CrestClean as New Zealand’s premier cleaning and franchise company is one of many future goals shared by Sam Lewis and Jacqui Hannagan.

Based in Dunedin, Sam has been appointed General Manager of Franchise Services and Jacqui has been appointed General Manager of Admin Services.

These recent appointments reflect the impressive growth of CrestClean.

Sam’s new role involves managing the franchise arm of CrestClean. This includes overseeing Franchisees, Regional Managers, Business Development/Quality Personnel, Procurement and Health & Safety.

“I look forward to the new challenges ahead managing the impressive growth of CrestClean with the implementation of new processes and improving existing ones so we continue to comply with new government regulations and customer expectations. These new processes will make the whole service experience better for all,” he says.

Sam, who has worked for CrestClean for five years, has held the following roles; Training Coordinator, Procurement Manager and Franchise Manager.

“The ultimate goal is to continue to enrich our Franchisees experience so we continue to cement CrestClean as New Zealand’s premier cleaning and franchise company,” he says.

Jacqui, who has worked for CrestClean on-and-off for six years, is in charge of administration and IT. This involves managing processes, systems and improving the CRM platform.

With the expansion of CrestClean, it is an important role that is commissioned to ensure the best possible customer service experience to all that engage with Crest.

“My recent appointment is a very exciting challenge. I look forward to maintaining the high standard of service our admin team provides our cleaning and franchise customers. I also look forward to continuously improving our systems and IT platform,” she says.

Congratulations Sam and Jacqui!


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