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Leading Hamilton Business Owner achieves 12 years

Hamilton franchisee Dorsammy (Samy) Goundar has been with Crest for 12 years.

Hamilton franchisee Dorsammy (Samy) Goundar has been with Crest for 12 years.

Commitment, attention to detail and maintaining customer relationships are among a number of key elements to running a successful Crest franchise.

Hamilton franchisee Dorsammy (Samy) Goundar has been with Crest for 12 years and is one of many successful business owners and operators that are proud to be part of New Zealand’s largest cleaning company.

Samy is also an Induction Trainer and enjoys the “hands on” aspect of his job.

“I am very proud to be part of Crest,” he says. “I keep myself very busy. Crest has given me a lot of opportunities to extend my skill base and knowledge, which is why I became an induction trainer – to pass on the knowledge I have to others and to hopefully inspire them to work hard and become successful, just like I have.”

Induction training is an important part of the CrestClean franchisee training process. New franchisees work alongside Samy for three weeks learning effective and efficient cleaning before they begin their formal training through the Master Cleaners Training Institute.

“Franchisees are given the whole picture of what is happening and what to expect. It’s not just about picking up a mop and a bucket. Induction training provides them with the foundation that is required for them to build on and become successful business owners and operators,” he says.

“We would like to thank our trainer Dorsamy Goundar. As a facilitator Samy was very patient with my wife and I. His obvious teaching and learning skills shows his dedication to CrestClean and is a reflection of his experience. His work ethics are of a high standard. During our three-week course we learned that hard work, dedication and an eye for detail make goals in life,” Danny and Ngere Vi, Tokoroa franchisees.

Samy looks after more than 10 well-recognised Waikato businesses. Property managers have confidence in Samy’s ability to manage large-scale contracts and consistent standards can be maintained through taking a consistent approach.

“I always work hard. I enjoy taking care of all of my customers. It makes me feel good when my customers give me good feedback because they appreciate what I am doing,” he says.

Samy has long standing relationships with property managers, which leads to more business coming in.

“I received a phone call from a property manager asking if I wanted another contract. I said yes, of course,” he says. “Nivi and I prepared a quote and it was accepted straight away. That made me so proud. I worked hard to get that. I always work hard,” he says.


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