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Skills Development keeps us on our toes

Chris Chapman had plenty of advice and tips for franchisees in Tauranga.

Chris Chapman had plenty of advice and tips for franchisees in Tauranga.

Being tuned in to the changing needs of our customers and working with new health and safety regulations were among key points driven home at a Skills Development Course held recently in Tauranga.

CrestClean’s National Quality/Training Manager Chris Chapman stressed the importance of keeping upskilled.

“Once you put on your uniform you are seen as the expert on cleaning,” he told the franchisees.

He said maintaining high standards was vital and he encouraged franchisees to carry out their own quality control exercise at the end of every clean.

He said there was nothing worse than when a customer complained about an area that had been repeatedly missed by the cleaners.

“Walk back though the job after you finish. Put yourself in the customer’s shoes. It’s really important to change your perspective. You might suddenly see that mark on the wall that’s been there for weeks.”

He added: “Change your routine, don’t have your blinkers on. We should take responsibility as business owners.”

He also encouraged franchisees to think outside of the square. New health and safety regulations now ruled out using a ladder to reach high spots. But a little innovation could provide an easy solution, he said.

An extendable device could reach almost any area. “There is pretty much nothing we cannot reach if we put our mind to it.”

There were plenty of questions for Chris, in particular dealing with a wide range of floor surfaces and identifying the correct product to use.

“If you are not 100 percent sure ask the client what the surface is,” said Chris.

For hard to identify stains and problematic floor surfaces, franchisees could take photographs of the area concerned and email them to Chris for an expert’s opinion.

Among the franchisees who attended the training seminar were Anna and John Susanti, who said it had been time well spent.

“The part about getting marks off surfaces was very useful,” said John.

“I think it’s important that people take the time to upskill,” added Anna, who said she had enjoyed the morning.

John and Anna and Susanti said they had got a lot from the course.

John and Anna and Susanti said they had got a lot from the course.


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