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Sweet treats for a cleaning job well done

Seshli Anand with the chocolates she and her husband Raj received.

Seshli Anand with the chocolates she and her husband Raj received.

When franchisee Raj Anand spotted a box of chocolates in a classroom he was cleaning he was more than a bit puzzled.

But as he looked up at the classroom’s whiteboard it all became clear … and the six large words in front of him said it all, bringing a big smile to his face.

“Thank you sooo much, you’re awesome.”

Another note on the board, also written by teacher Jenny Davis, read: “Hi Raj and Seshli. These chocolates are for you as a small thank you for all the cleaning you do, and especially for putting the furniture back out for me in the holidays. It’s so good to come back and find it set up!”

The chocolates were in appreciation of the work carried out by Raj and his wife Seshli at Valley School, Pukekohe, where they’ve been cleaning for four years.

“We feel proud that we are doing a great job for our customers,” said Raj. “We always make sure we go the extra mile for them.”

CrestClean’s Auckland South Regional Manager Viky Narayan said Raj and Seshli were great franchisees who really took pride in their work. “They are a credit to the company.”

Raj feels strongly that apart from maintaining a high standard of cleaning, keeping in touch with his customers is an essential part of his job – and something he particularly enjoys.
He and Seshli will often swing by a school during the day to chat to staff to ensure everyone is happy with their work.

“I like to have feedback from my customers and I always check with the principal after a term clean that everything is in order,” Raj added.

It was during a visit to Valley School that Raj and Seshli first met Jenny Davis, despite having cleaned her classroom for more than a year.

“We met on my day off and I had gone to the school to see the caretaker and the principal. Jenny said to us, ‘you guys are the night angels who clean my classroom!’.”

Raj and Seshli also carry out cleaning at Puni School, Pukekohe, and are thrilled they have been invited to the school’s staff Christmas party.

“They treat us as part of the staff, which is really lovely,” added Raj, who is an experienced member of the CrestClean team.

He is an Induction Trainer for new franchisees and is also a Regional Trainer and a Hard Floor Trainer and runs courses organised by the Master Cleaners Training Institute.


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