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Fiva lends a helping hand to 100-year-old

Fiva Latu with 100-year-old Douglas Blake.

Fiva Latu with 100-year-old Douglas Blake.

Meeting a 100-year-old proved to be inspirational for CrestClean’s Fiva Latu in more ways than one.

Franchisee Fiva popped in on Havelock North’s Douglas Blake as he prepared to celebrate his milestone birthday with family and friends at the Mary Doyle Residential Complex.

Douglas’ daughter had asked if someone could give her father’s home a spruce up and Fiva was only too happy to step in and help.

Windows, floors and the kitchen were left sparking by Fiva, in readiness for family who were due to visit Douglas the following day.

“I was chatting to him as I was cleaning the window sills,” said Fiva. “I asked him ‘what’s the secret to living to 100?’

“He said it was keeping an active mind and he told me he reads a lot. It was quite inspiring and I really hope I’m as on to it as he is if I get to his age. He was pretty amazing.”

“He made me think that I should really find the time to read more. I’ve always wanted to read more and now I think I will.”

Fiva said he enjoyed chatting to Douglas and they had a shared interest in sport.

“He was nice guy and really on to it and we had a good chat. We talked about sport and he was really interested. He has a great memory.

“He really appreciated the help with the cleaning and was thankful to have his place tidied up. For me it was a real privilege to be able to help him and his family. It felt really cool.”

Fiva is married to Abby Latu, CrestClean’s Hawke’s Bay Regional Manager.

“Abby has a bit of soft heart for older people,” added Fiva.

“If Abby hears of someone who is older and is struggling a bit she’ll get me to do some cleaning for them. It’s great to be able to help out.”


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