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Filipino couple create a little bit of Crest history

Niza and Fredie Dela Cruz enjoy being small business owners.

Niza and Fredie Dela Cruz enjoy being small business owners.

Niza and Fredie Dela Cruz feel a sense of pride in that they have helped to make a little bit of history for Crest in the Waikato.

Throughout New Zealand CrestClean has 34 different nationalities represented among our franchisees.

And although there are Filipinos in other Crest regions throughout the country, the couple are Waikato’s first franchisees who originate from the Philippines.

“I am proud of that because I am making a little bit of history for Hamilton and Waikato,” said Freddie.

Family is everything to Fredie and Niza, who came to New Zealand after doing their homework in a search to find a country that offered work opportunities and was also a good place to raise children.

Fredie is a qualified electrician and arrived in New Zealand seven years ago. A year later his wife and family followed him. The couple have three teenage boys.

“I did some research about New Zealand and I found it has a good environment and is a good place to live. It is a very peaceful country and it was perfect to raise my family here,” added Fredie.

Deciding to buy a Crest franchise was easy after the couple set their sights on cleaning business.

“We were looking for a cleaning company and we found Crest was number one and the most popular company,” said Fredie.

It proved to be a perfect fit for Niza, who at the time was a cleaning supervisor at a Hamilton hotel.

Niza said it was great being a small business owner and there were many benefits. “We are really happy with our work. It gives us more family time.”

Freddie juggles two jobs, working as a self-employed electrician as well as working on the couple’s Crest franchise.

So, what do they like about owning a Crest business?

“When you are doing something you believe in, and you hear compliments from the customers, it’s very motivating,” said Fredie.

“Maintaining a good relationship with your customer and doing your job very well and having a good communication is important.”

Nivitesh Kumar, CrestClean’s Waikato Regional Manager, said Niza and Fredie have a very professional approach to their work.

“Their management of customer relationships is very good and they are always so positive.”

Nivitesh said since the couple joined Crest, two other teams of Filipinos have joined the company.

“It’s really great and they are supportive and cover for each other in holiday times. It works very well.”


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