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Training bar set high but franchisees excel

Adam Hodge shows franchisees how to safely pour cleaning solutions to obtain the correct dilution.

Adam Hodge shows franchisees how to safely pour cleaning solutions to obtain the correct dilution.

The bar was set high for Tauranga franchisees when they came under the eagle eye of Adam Hodge.

They were given practical tasks to test their competency in order to obtain a Certificate in Commercial Cleaning awarded by the Master Cleaners Training Institute.

Adam, the institute’s CEO, was overseeing the assessments, which included three health and safety units covering chemical preparation and the safe use and care of equipment and correct storage of equipment and materials.

“They have to be able to demonstrate competency in all of the health and safety units and competency in carrying out core skill tasks,” said Adam.

Training is a one of Crest’s core pillars and the company expects its small business owners to meet high standards in terms of competency, added Adam.

“The cleaning solutions that we will mostly use for these assessments are for mopping floors, wall washing and they also have to correctly prepare spray bottles.

“They have to demonstrate they know how to do this following the manufactures’ instructions, safely using the correct dilutions,” he said.

Adam said extra guidance and help could be offered if a franchisee found they had difficulty with any of the tasks required.

“We’ll provide different levels of training for individuals if necessary.

“Sometimes it can be one-on-one training, other times it may be just an issue where people are very nervous when they are assessed but we help and reassure them so they can can reach the required standard.”

But the bottom line was that it was vital all Crest personnel were fully trained and competent in all aspects of the job, he said.

“Ultimately they have to demonstrate they understand processes and procedures and can work safely providing the quality that’s required.”

Adam was full of praise for the Tauranga franchisees he assessed.

They were “excellent” and it was a reflection of the great training they received in Tauranga from Crest’s Regional Trainers Jill Shepherd and Woo Sung Lee, he said.

What does Adam get from seeing franchisees pass their assessments?

“When people have been assessed as competent I know that we as a company are in safe hands in this particular region. I know the cleaning is being carried out safely to the high standard required. It gives me great satisfaction.”

Franchisees should feel proud of the time and effort put in to pass their assessment, added Adam.

“The certificate is not a hand out, it has to be earned. If they don’t demonstrate competency then I’m afraid they don’t get a certificate.”

Tauranga franchisee Malcom Brown was delighted to gain his Certificate in Commercial Cleaning.

“It gives you a real sense of achievement and helps to reinforce the procedures that we have been taught.”

Malcolm has had his Crest franchise for six months and switched careers after 17 years as a salesman for a New Zealand retail company.

“I should have joined Crest years ago. It’s really great and I like having my own business.

“It’s certainly the best job I’ve ever had,” he said, adding he particularly likes the flexible hours and being his own boss.

Franchisee Malcolm Brown is scrutinised by Adam Hodge during the assessments in Tauranga.

Franchisee Malcolm Brown is scrutinised by Adam Hodge during the assessments in Tauranga.


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