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How your vehicle can promote your business

Jobanpreet Singh says it’s important to keep your car clean.

Jobanpreet Singh says it’s important to keep your car clean.

Here’s a polished performer whose high standards extend to ensuring his Crest car is always sparkling clean and tidy.

And that attention to detail with his business vehicle can have some unexpected bonuses, said the switched-on Hamilton franchisee.

Jobanpreet Singh says his car helps showcase his business – and he never misses an opportunity to use it as a promotional tool.

As well as running his own franchise, the 23-year-old works part time at a Hamilton service station doing admin work. And his CrestClean vehicle has been a conversation opener with customers pulling in for a fuel stop.

“Some people who already use CrestClean often say: ‘you guys do a really good job of our cleaning’.”

And he’s also following up a few new leads from people he’s met who are looking to employee the services of a commercial cleaner.

“I always keep my car looking good. Whenever I go out I park it so it’s visible to people who walk by.”

And whenever he’s working on a cleaning contract he parks the vehicle, where possible, in a prominent position.

“People can see that CrestClean are doing the cleaning here and it certainly helps to be seen.”

Jobanpreet has been with CrestClean for less than a year but he’s already setting his sights high. He’s living at home with his parents and the priority is saving enough to buy a home in Hamilton they can all share.

To reach that goal, his mum Narinder Kaur and cousin Gurpreet Singh will help him with the cleaning business and his brother in law is also looking to join the family team.

Jobanpreet says in the short time he’s been a franchisee he’s learnt to work smarter.

“It’s not hard work. It’s all about being organised and how you plan the work,” he said. “I’m definitely in this business for the long-time.”

He said a good customer relationship was key to building and maintaining a successful business.

“I understand the financial side of the business and know how to engage with my customers. I contact them every week and always call them up and see if everything is going to plan.

“It’s important to build on the customer relationship.”

Crest’s Waikato Regional Manager Nivitesh Kumar said Jobanpreet had a lot of potential and was an excellent franchisee.

“He is very hardworking and always goes the extra mile to ensure his clients are happy.

“He also has helped look after the cleaning of additional contracts while we were in the process of recruiting new franchisees.”

Jobanpreet is certainly not lacking in ambition and says he hopes one day to be a Master Franchisee.

“I know what it takes to be a Master and my manager Nivitesh helping me as well,” he added.


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