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Digital guru brings wealth of experience

Fabio Spiandorelo says he couldn’t be happier in his role at CrestClean.

Fabio Spiandorelo says he couldn’t be happier in his role at CrestClean.

It’s the Apple of his eye and he couldn’t contain his delight at the surprise.

Crest’s Digital Marketing Co-ordinator Fabio Spiandorelo did a double take when the latest Apple computer turned up at the company’s Tauranga-based Marketing Department and Distribution Centre.

The new computer adds to his toolkit, helping him develop and expand the company’s digital marketing strategy.

The highly-qualified Brazilian, who has a degree in public relations, was a standout applicant when CrestClean went hunting to recruit someone with the knowhow and expertise needed as the company expands its digital presence.

CrestClean’s Managing Director Grant McLauchlan said it had not been easy to find someone with the right skillset for the role.

“When Crest was looking to recruit such a person there was only one applicant out of many who had had actual experience of organising digital marketing within a CRM environment.

“We shortlisted nine people and Fabio was the only one with the direct relevant experience for this role.”

The 27-year-old, who completed a Business Studies Diploma in Wellington, has proved to be perfect fit, added Grant. “He’s doing a great job and it’s an exciting time for digital marketing.”

Crest is on track to double the size of the business with five to seven years and digital media will play a crucial role, Grant added.

“The media scene has changed and people are getting their news and business commentaries online now. And we find that they will check out relevant information on a cleaning company via the internet.”

Fabio says working at Crest is his “dream job”. In Brazil he worked for several multinational companies and he’s been able to use this experience in his Crest role.

“New Zealand is looking for highly qualified professionals and I have studied all my life for an opportunity like this.

“I feel I’ve already made some good improvements for the CrestClean,” he said. “I couldn’t be happier in my job. It’s exactly what I was looking for.”


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