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Company’s delight at our shining star

Kamal Singh with Tanya Eyre at RFD Limited.

Kamal Singh with Tanya Eyre at RFD Limited.

Cleaning firms touting for business are regularly given the brush-off at Auckland company RFD Limited.

Hardly surprising as CrestClean franchisee Kamal Singh has been doing a sterling job at the Marine safety equipment firm for the past 15 years.

Tanya Eyre, who looks after purchasing, says they are delighted with the cleaning services carried out by Kamal. “We are happy with the work he does for us.

“We get lots of phone calls from cleaners over the years saying that they’ll give us a quote but we tell them ‘no we don’t need one because we’re quite happy with who we’ve got thank you’.”

Kamal used to work at RFD where he was a machinist. When he told managers he planned to set up a cleaning business they invited him back to carry out the cleaning.

That was 15 years ago and he’s been cleaning there ever since. And when the company recently shifted to a new location in Mount Wellington they wanted Kamal to move with them.

“He always does a good job. You never come in and think ‘that wasn’t done very well’,” added Tanya.

“There’s never been any complaints ever. He cleans the carpets once a year and polishes the lino. He just does a good job and he’s a nice person too and always friendly.”

Kamal is CrestClean’s longest serving Auckland franchisee.

He had just $50 in his pocket when he first learned about CrestClean. He’d moved from Fiji to Auckland and, with financial help from an aunt, decided to purchase a CrestClean franchise.

But Kamal quickly showed he meant business. Within a couple of months of purchasing his franchise, he became a trainer, helping other new franchisees launch their businesses. He’s also now a Regional Trainer and delivers the Module One Course through the Master Cleaners Training Institute.

Training newbies to the cleaning industry is a role he particularly enjoys. “I like passing on my skills and the things I have learned.

“I also get to meet people from different cultures. I enjoy helping them and they know they can give me a call if they are stuck with anything they don’t understand. It’s really rewarding.”

Becoming a success small business owner means being focussed, he adds.

“Communication with customers is a very important part of running your own business.

“Some of them become friends. Communicating can just be a matter of saying ‘hi or hello’ when you meet the customer.

“Customer service is very important and you should get to know their needs and wants.”

Kamal’s business has grown over the years and he now employs four people to help manage the workload.

But he still takes personal satisfaction from being hands-on. “Any job I do I take pride in it,” he adds.

Dries Mangnus, Auckland Regional Manager, says Kamal is a great example of someone dedicated to the cleaning industry who has made a big success of his business.

“He’s worked hard and can be proud of his achievements.”


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