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Food firm praises ‘amazing’ cleaning

Anand Achari with Tony Elliot, Bluebird's Operation Manager, and Irina Orekhova, Senior Supply Chains Manager.

Anand Achari with Tony Elliot, Bluebird’s Operation Manager, and Irina Orekhova, Senior Supply Chains Manager.

His hard work and dedication to the job have been praised by managers at one of the biggest snack food manufacturers in New Zealand.

When Anand Achari took on the job of cleaning toilets at Bluebird he knew it would be challenging work. The busy production facility’s bathroom areas were showing their age and the constant foot traffic meant the cleaning needed to take priority.

Irina Orekhova, Senior Supply Chains Manager at the Auckland factory, said Anand’s “preciseness and dedication” to his work was outstanding and he has made a big difference.

“The quality of work he is doing is amazing,” she added.

Being an older building, the plant’s toilets could be a challenge to keep in good order, said Irina. “The way he cleans it and with the deep cleaning it looks much better. It’s almost like a shiny smile on the very old face of the toilet!”

Her comments were echoed by Tony Elliot, Operation Manager, who said Anand was doing sterling work.

“It’s not just the toilets it’s the offices as well and they are all kept immaculately clean and tidy.

“He provides other services like floor cleaning and carpet cleaning as well, so he does quite a rounded level of activities.

“The main thing is the toilets are kept to a very high degree of cleanliness. It’s a manufacturing facility with as many people as we have here going through on a day-to-day basis, that is quite a challenge for him to maintain.”

He said managers have found that keeping the toilet areas regularly serviced had a noticeable effect on those who used the facilities.

“If you stay on top of it and keep a high standard, people see you have a high standard in the areas where you clean then they take a little bit more pride in that facility as well.

“This is why the toilet areas do tend to look tidier than other areas inside the same part of the factory. Somebody puts a bit of effort in and people do see that and respect it.”

Viky Narayan, CrestClean’s Regional Manager South and East Auckland, said the company has a long and successful relationship with the food manufacturer.

“Bluebird are great customers to deal with. They listen and if things are needed they take things on board.”

He said Anand is one of his most experienced franchisees. “He’s hardworking and very dedicated to his work. He takes pride in what he does and makes extra sure things are tidy before he leaves each day.”

Anand, who joined CrestClean in 2006, says he enjoys his job at Bluebird. “They listen to our ideas and we work very well together. It’s nice when people appreciate the work I do.”


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