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School: Cleaning team does a fantastic job

Look how shiny the sink is. Amrit Singh and Karamjit Kaur have received great feedback from Beaconsfield School.

Look how shiny the sink is. Amrit Singh and Karamjit Kaur have received great feedback from Beaconsfield School.

Beaconsfield School Principal Hamish Brown has one word to describe the CrestClean team who look after his school – fantastic!

He said the school was looking amazing and he loves the fact that every day before Amrit Singh and Karamjit Kaur start work they pop in and say “hi” and check everything is ok.

“The cleaning is really, really good. They are helpful and they are always cheerful when they come in,” says Hamish.

He’s noticed how thorough the couple are with the cleaning – and in particular their attention to detail.

“I can see they do a good job and move things where they have to clean. They don’t just clean around things they shuffle things along so they can clean under them.

“When they have the opportunity to come in earlier in the day they wander around the classes and say ‘hi’. They are always very pleasant.”

The feedback came as no real surprise to Robert Glenie, CrestClean’s South Canterbury Regional Manager.

He says Amrit and Karamjit did an amazing job with the recent term clean at the school.

“It was their chance to make Beaconsfield School shine and when I say shine I mean shine.

“Before the term clean the sinks were looking old and they were covered in paint and glue. But after hours of hard scrubbing you needed sunglasses on to walk into the classrooms.

“On my term clean audit of the school I looked at the sinks and said to Karamjit ‘you guys are the term clean super heroes’.”

Robert said the couple have excellent customer service skills and he praised them for maintaining a good relationship with the school.

“It’s what I tell all my franchisees – go and meet your customers, pop in every month and ask if you can have a look around in the day time as things look very different at night, and the clients like getting to know their cleaners.”

Amrit said they love working at the school. “The school staff are really friendly and they always talk to us and are very helpful.

“It’s good when we get feedback and to hear that people really appreciate our work.”


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