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Cleaning? It’s better than a gym workout!

Kapil Bhatt says cleaning is just as good as a workout at the gym.

Kapil Bhatt says cleaning is just as good as a workout at the gym.

Hours at the gym pumping iron or running on a treadmill is one way to stay in shape – but there’s always a price to working out.

But while a gym membership can be costly, Kapil Bhatt has found the perfect way to keep off the kilos while at the same time being paid for his efforts.

The 32-year-old Wellington CrestClean franchisee spends his week dashing around the capital looking after his many customers.

But you’ll not hear any complaints from the former restaurant boss, who quit the hospitality industry to concentrate fulltime on his cleaning business. He loves his job and says cleaning is the perfect way to stay fit.

Kapil’s busy working life means he cleans at a 24 different sites around Wellington each week!

And he reckons cleaning beats working out in the gym any day and says the physical benefits are just as good as lifting weights or hours on the treadmill.

“Who needs a gym membership when you get all the exercise you need from cleaning,” he says.

“You go up and down stairs and then you are vacuuming, wiping surfaces and mopping floors. It’s very physical and a really good workout as it exercises your whole body.

“I’m doing my job but I’m getting fit at the same time. Cleaning requires energy and you are burning calories all the time you are working.”

Since selling his Indian bar and restaurant he says life has never been better. Having his own cleaning business means flexible hours. He works evenings and enjoys being his own boss.

“It gives me plenty of time with my family and most importantly I get weekends free for family time,” he says.

He and his wife Preeti purchased a new build house in Johnsonville last year. Being a CrestClean business owner was a major factor in being able to achieve that, he says.

“When you go to a bank the lenders look at your income. When they see the image of CrestClean and the reputation of the company it makes a big difference.

“They can see you have a regular income and you are being paid every fortnight. It was a piece of cake getting a mortgage.”

Since joining CrestClean four years ago Kapil has not rested on his laurels. He’s more than tripled the size of his CrestClean business.

“Cleaning has helped us in a big way. We are thankful for CrestClean but you have to put yourself out there. If you are prepared to work hard you can make things happen in your life.”

Philip Wilson, CrestClean’s Wellington’s Quality Assurance Co-ordinator, says Kapil does an excellent job.

“He is always motivated to stay consistent with his cleaning standards and always feels like he’s in competition with himself to keep high standards.

“He is always excellent to communicate with, he’s great with his customers and is a real ‘go to’ in challenging situations.

“Kapil’s a model franchisee and is a CrestClean success story when it comes to running a successful business.”


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