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Work stress gone after buying Crest business

Mandip Kaur and Amardeep Singh have doubled the size of their business.

Mandip Kaur and Amardeep Singh have doubled the size of their business.

When Amardeep Singh decided to quit his management job with Z Energy he was pumped knowing he’d made the right decision.

After a decade of working for the fuel firm, he decided the time was right to rev up his CrestClean franchise and go full time with the business he’d purchased with his wife Mandip Kaur.

His former boss at Z Energy was so impressed with Amardeep’s bold move that seven months later he followed his example and left the company to buy a CrestClean franchise.

Amardeep and Mandip, who have a 5-year-old boy, say their CrestClean business gives them a lot more family time. But it’s the daily stresses of his management role at Z that Amardeep doesn’t miss.

“You have targets to meet and if you don’t achieve them you get told off. It’s constant pressure all day, every day,” he says.

It was through personal recommendation that the Hutt Valley couple heard about CrestClean.

“One of our friends has a CrestClean franchise and we heard good things about the company. We liked the idea of flexible working hours and being able to be your own boss,” says Amardeep.

Amardeep and Mandip, who have been with CrestClean for just over a year, have tripled the size of their business.

“I didn’t think we’d grow the business so fast. It’s good money and we are looking to buy our own house in the next couple of months,” he says.

“It’s essential to maintain the quality of your work and keep your customers satisfied. We meet our customers on a regular basis.”

Amardeep says after leaving Z Energy he kept in touch with a colleague, who was operations manager.

“He was my boss and I persuaded him to buy a franchise. He’d kept asking me how I’m doing with my business and was it good. I always told him it’s good to work for yourself rather than working for someone.”

But apart from the lifestyle advantage from owning a franchise, the physical side of cleaning brought a surprise health benefit, says Amardeep, 31. “Before joining CrestClean I had put on some weight,” he revealed.

“But when I started cleaning I lost nearly 10kg. Cleaning keeps me fit and it’s quite physical with all the walking around and vacuuming.”

Philip Wilson, CrestClean’s Wellington Quality Assurance Co-ordinator, says the couple are hardworking and have a great attitude.

“They enjoy the fitness side to the business and having 18 customers keeps them very active.

“Amardeep and Mandip are excellent at building relationships with their customers. It’s one of the reasons why they are going so well within this business.”


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