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Business allows plenty of family time

Kuljinder Kaur and Jasvir Singh and their baby boy Aikam.

Kuljinder Kaur and Jasvir Singh and their baby boy Aikam.

As a busy new dad Jasvir Singh treasures the time he gets to spend with his baby son.

He sees a lot of young Aikam in between his university studies and running a successful CrestClean business with his wife Kuljinder Kaur.

The couple owned a CrestClean franchise in Tauranga but transferred to the Hutt Valley nearly a year ago so Jasvir could qualify as a chartered accountant.

They love the flexibility their business brings them and it’s given the couple a solid base to plan for the future, they say.

Buying the business couldn’t have been easier, says Jasvir. The bank welcomed them with open arms.

“It was easy to get a loan to buy our business. Crest has a good reputation so there was no problem.”

They had done their homework and Crest ticked all the boxes. With a regular income and a good support system it was a good move, says Jasvir.

“The payments arrive every fortnight and you don’t have to worry. If you have any sort of issues the Regional Manager is always there to help you.”

The couple have even managed to take a holiday to India to visit family there. While they were away other franchisees stepped in to provide cover.

“I’m really happy with my customers and the support we get from CrestClean,” added Jasvir.

Jasvir and Kuljinder now have their sights set on a place of their own and want to eventually expand their business. “We are hoping to buy a house at the beginning of next year.

“We’d like a two or three bedroom house. We are happy to increase the size of our business when our child is a little older,” says Jasvir.

Philip Wilson, CrestClean’s Wellington Quality Assurance Co-ordinator, says the couple have made their mark by providing a great service.

“They are always motivated to keep their customers happy. All of their customers are very impressed with the work that they take pride in completing.

“They look after a number of customers in the Hutt Valley including one school, which they have just received a Certificate of Excellence from CrestClean.”


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