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School principal: They’re best cleaners ever!

Salendra Chetty with some feijoas for Maunu School.

Salendra Chetty with some feijoas for Maunu School.

A CrestClean team has been given a shining accolade by a school principal, who says they are the best cleaners he’s ever seen.

Paul Shepherd says Salendra Chetty and Artika Mala do an outstanding job at Maunu School. “I’ve been involved in schools now for 40 odd years and they would be the best cleaners I’ve come across in my time.”

He says that it’s not just the high standard of cleaning that’s impressed staff at the semi-rural school on the edge of Whangarei.

The couple have a great attitude to their work, are always cheerful and go “above and beyond” what is required, he added.

“Let’s be honest, it’s not exactly the most thrilling of jobs but you never see Salendra and his team at all down or looking like they don’t want to be here or anything like that.”

As well as being a CrestClean business owner, Salendra has a day job working as an orchardist. From time to time he is allowed to take surplus fruit, which he shares with Maunu School. It’s a gesture that is much appreciated by Maunu School staff, says Paul.

“Salendra and Artika are considered to be part of the school team. Even though they start at 5pm, all the staff know them. They are very humble.

“They work other jobs during the day and they’ll bring fruit along for the staff. If we have got something on they will accommodate that and work around us, they are great.”

Jim McManus, CrestClean’s Whangarei Regional Manager, says Salendra has a great attitude and is focused on doing an outstanding job for his customers.

“Salendra works for a local orchard operation and regularly brings in bins of fruit for the staff and pupils at the school. This is whatever fruit is in season that hasn’t made the grade for sale to the public.

“After a bin delivery late last year, Salendra and Artika arrived at the school staffroom to find that the staff had baked them a feijoa loaf to take home for the family.”

The note attached said: “Thanks Salendra and Artika so much for all you do for us at Maunu School. We love our fruit treats and how well you clean the school. Enjoy your Feijoa loaf!”

Salendra and Artika have been with CrestClean for two years. Artika is a manager at a Mobil station. Owning their own business has helped boost their income, Salendra says.

“We decided to buy a business that would help us pay off the mortgage quicker.”

He enjoys the satisfaction that cleaning brings. “I like a clean and tidy environment that is also healthy and where everything is looking nice.

“I like the training you get at CrestClean. There is always new things to learn and we can find new ways to work more efficiently.”

He says a key to running a successful business is having good communication with customers. “Customers are our priority and if we keep them happy everyone is happy.”

Maunu School.staff sent a pictorial ‘thank you’ card to Salendra and Artika.

Maunu School.staff sent a pictorial ‘thank you’ card to Salendra and Artika.


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