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Principal praises Crest for improving cleanliness of school bathrooms

CrestClean business owner Krishna Kumar hands out pizza to children in Willoby Class at Longbeach School in Ashburton.

CrestClean business owner Krishna Kumar hands out pizza to children in Willoby Class at Longbeach School in Ashburton.

Clean toilets are often said to be one of the marks of a good school.

They are an area renowned for getting messy and ensuring they are properly cleaned calls for a systematic approach using tried and tested techniques.

Improving the cleanliness of the loos was a driving factor that spurred Principal Neil Simons into calling in CrestClean to take over the cleaning at Longbeach School in Ashburton.

Since CrestClean began cleaning at the rural primary school the difference has been outstanding, he says.

“The cleaning is very good and a big improvement on what we were getting before, particularly in the bathrooms. It’s been very impressive.”

He added. “The whole standard has lifted immensely. Just the freshness and the high level of clean.”

Neil has also been impressed with CrestClean’s Cleanest Classroom Award. The competition is run at many of the 430 schools that are cleaned by CrestClean business owners. At the end of term the classroom that is kept the cleanest in the school is rewarded with a certificate and pizza.

But the competition has not only sparked classroom rivalry at the school – staff have also joined in too. “There’s a fair bit of competition and banter between the teachers,” says Neil.

“It’s a good thing. We are only six classrooms and we are very close as a staff. There’s some pride in getting the cleanest classroom award.”

The competition has brought home an important message to the youngsters, Neil added.

“It makes kids more aware of their environment and they have a part to play in it with the cleaning. It’s an incentive for them to think more about that. It’s definitely a win-win because the rooms are in a better condition and at the end of the day and it makes Crest’s job easier.”

Robert Glenie, CrestClean’s South Canterbury Regional Manager, said Longbeach School is a new Crest customer.

“They were very excited coming to the end of their first term with Crestclean as their new cleaning provider.

“Staff and children had been working hard at keeping their classrooms tidy so they could be in to win a free pizza lunch.

“CrestClean franchise owner Krishna Kumar had enjoyed seeing the smiles on the kids’ faces when he handed out the pizza.”

Rob praised the competition winners. “They worked really hard to keep their room tidy and pickup any rubbish from the floors.

“Krishna says the cleaning team have noticed how tidy the room is. The time we save means the team can then focus on areas of cleaning.”


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