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Attention to detail wins praise for Tracey


Tracey Andersen presents a copy of CrestClean’s anniversary book – Snapshot – to Simone Wenk at her Mapua Studio.

They are two professional women in occupations that are poles apart.

But architecture and commercial cleaning have one big thing in common – attention to detail is everything. It’s a value shared by architect Simone Wenk and CrestClean business owner Tracey Andersen.

Simone has set the bar high for the standard of cleaning she expects at her swish architecture studio in Mapua on the outskirts of Nelson.

And she’s delighted by the meticulous approach and the high level of detail in the cleaning from Tracey and her team in keeping everything shiny and pristine.

“Tracey does a fantastic job. Having a clean office is vitally important to me as I have a lot of clients coming in to see me,” says Simone.

“It can get pretty dusty here as we are quite close to the sea and dust and sand comes in when it’s windy.”

Tracey, who runs the family franchise with her sister Julie Ruawai, says cleaning brings a personal satisfaction of a job well done. Looking after Simone’s studio is particularly pleasing, she adds.

“It’s a small studio but it’s a beautiful space. We’ve enjoyed building a good rapport with Simone.

“We really do clean it to a high spec and when we finish and walk out of the door we know Simone’s going to be happy when she comes to work. It’s that job satisfaction knowing that our customers are happy.”

And the CrestClean team’s efforts haven’t gone unnoticed, says Simone. “Tracey unusually comes in over the weekend and when we come in on Monday morning we can smell a beautiful fresh clean smell.”

Tracey says loves the work she does and being part of CrestClean. With the training programmes and regular upskilling opportunities, cleaning is now a good career choice and an industry people can be proud to be in, she says.

“There’s a bit of a stigma that often goes with being a cleaner. By putting on your uniform and introducing yourself to your customers, face-to-face as a professional, demolishes that image that you are just the cleaner.”

Barbara de Vries, CrestClean’s Nelson Regional Manager, was not surprised by the positive feedback. Tracey and Julie clean to a very high standard, she says.

“They are top of the line cleaners and do a fantastic job for their customers.


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