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Real life ‘cleaning fairies’ work their magic at kindergarten

Raymond and Nathalie Daniels are over the moon with the property they have just bought in Ranfurly.

Raymond and Nathalie Daniels are over the moon with the property they have just bought in Ranfurly.

Do you believe in the cleaning fairies?

Delighted staff members at Kidsfirst Kindergarten Maniototo certainly do. Just ask head teacher Debbie McNally what she thinks of the service provided by CrestClean’s Nathalie and Raymond Daniels.

“They are excellent, and they are like cleaning fairies. I love them so much,” she says.

The couple work their magic overnight – and the results are outstanding, she says. “It makes me so happy when I come into the kindy every morning and it’s so clean and sparkly, I love it. They are just awesome.”

Debbie stresses that maintaining good hygiene and keeping a clean and healthy environment is imperative around young children. Nathalie and Raymond do a first class job by providing a cleaning service to the highest standards and nothing is ever too much for them, she says.

“Cleaning a kindergarten is a really hard job because it gets really dirty. We sweep and clean up at the end of the day but Nathalie and Raymond are amazing.”

She is particularly impressed with how Nathalie frequently checks to see if any areas of the centre need extra cleaning.

“She will ask and say: ‘what are the areas that concern you the most that you really want me to concentrate on’. Her attention to detail is very high and she takes pride in her work.”

The husband and wife have won the respect of the centre’s staff. “Having good cleaners is the most important thing. We have 20 children here every day so we need things to be really clean.”

Nathalie and Raymond joined CrestClean at the beginning of 2016. The couple, who are originally from South Africa, love being business owners and say they’ve never been happier.

“I’m the type of person who always wanted to have something of my own,” says Raymond. “When I finally got my own business I was really excited to know it’s mine. It’s a great feeling.”

They recently purchased their first home after more than a decade of living in rented accommodation. They now own a “character home” on quarter acre section in Ranfurly.

Nathalie says they’ve worked hard on their business with the aim of being able to be in a position to have a place of their own. Being CrestClean franchisees helped to fast-forward their plans and paved the way obtaining a home loan.

“It’s feels like all the sacrifices we made have been worth it,” she says. “With CrestClean they made it possible for us to achieve this and have a home of our own. We are very happy.”

Danny Mastroianni, CrestClean’s Queenstown Lakes and Central Otago Regional Manager, says the couple have earned a great reputation for the high quality of their work among customers.

“When they started cleaning the local kindergarten the manager found a massive improvement in the cleaning with CrestClean looking after things.

“I’m delighted that they are so happy to have Raymond and Nathalie with them.”


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