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New attachment makes Pure Water Window Cleaning kit more versatile

Pure Water Window Cleaning technician Mike Warnes, who trialled the new pole, has given it the thumbs up.

Pure Water Window Cleaning technician Mike Warnes, who trialled the new pole, has given it the thumbs up.

A new item now included with CrestClean’s Pure Water Window Cleaning kit has given operators of the system greater flexibility when working in confined areas.

The 4.2 metre carbon fibre pole is easy to manoeuvre as it is significantly shorter than the longer poles that come as standard.

The shorter pole can be used on buildings up to two storeys while three and four storey floors can be reached with the longer poles. It will soon be available to purchase from the Team CrestClean website.

Crest PropertyCare franchisee Mike Warnes, who trialled the new pole, gave it the thumbs up. It means he can work in areas where previously using the longer pole set up could be a disadvantage.

“You had to be careful the end didn’t drag on the ground or hit an object immediately behind you,” he says. “The short pole is great and I can get the job done so much easier.”

Pure Water Window Cleaning is proving popular with CrestClean customers and many franchisees are upskilling to add it to their portfolio of services offered.

The cleaning system uses high-tech water filtration, which removes all solids from water, allowing only pure water to clean windows…without spotting or streaking.
As well as being fast and efficient, Pure Water Window Cleaning provides cost effective, chemical-free window cleaning solutions for buildings up to four storeys high.
Risks and hazards are dramatically reduced when compared with conventional window cleaning processes, because operators work from the ground using carbon fibre poles. CrestClean personnel do not work from heights, or use ladders or a platform.

The new 4.2 metre pole will soon be available to order on the Team Crest Clean website. It will come as standard with a Pure Water Window Cleaning kit.


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