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Joining CrestClean? It’s the best decision I’ve ever made!

Aman Kareer enjoys cleaning and servicing coffee machines for his customer.

Aman Kareer enjoys cleaning and servicing coffee machines for his customer.

Since buying a CrestClean business in 2018 Aman Kareer hasn’t looked back and says it’s definitely the best decision he’s ever made.

He quickly built up his customer base and less than a year after joining the company Aman had been able to quit his daytime factory job to go full-time with CrestClean.

Aman and his wife June have now more than doubled the size of their cleaning franchise. It’s meant that June, who had initially helped him with the cleaning, is now able to look after their daughter full time.

CrestClean’s Auckland East Regional Manager Linda Hill says Aman is an outstanding  franchisee and the couple have worked hard on their business.

“Aman and June now enjoy being financially stable and they are saving for their first home, which they plan to buy later this year.”
Positive feedback from customers has been a hallmark of Aman’s success, she says.

“His customers go out of their way to email me extremely positive feedback about Aman’s great attitude, his presentation and his willingness to adapt his work around his customers’ individual needs.”

One of Aman’s main customers is coffee company Jacobs Douwe Egberts. Each morning Aman visits their Auckland customers to clean and restock coffee machines.

Adam Mchardy, JDE key account manager, says Aman is extremely diligent and has very good people skills, a prerequisite when interacting with customers.

“It’s extremely important that the people who are front-facing our customers are polite and present well and come across as professional, and Aman does.”

Aman’s mechanical knowledge was also a bonus, says Adam. “He has a good understanding of machines and can figure things out.

“That experience has been a real bonus. He’s very proactive and really polite and well presented to customers. He’s great. He cleans seven to 10 machines a day and reports any faults back to us.”

For Aman, looking after the JDE’s customers is something he particularly enjoys. “I love the coffee job and I like servicing and cleaning the machines. It’s quite different and I really like it. Sometimes we even have to taste the coffee, it’s all part of the job.”

Aman says being his own boss by having a CrestClean business has brought a great sense of freedom. “It was the best decision I ever made joining CrestClean.

“Now I get to spend a lot more time with my family. We are now trying to save as much as we can so at the end of this year we can have a good deposit to buy a house.”


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