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Hygiene and cleanliness is a high priority at NZ Blood Service clinic

CrestClean’s Makalita Afelee is seen with New Zealand Blood Services personnel at the mobile collection clinic in New Plymouth.

CrestClean’s Makalita Afelee is seen with New Zealand Blood Services personnel at the mobile collection clinic in New Plymouth.

It was a big thumbs up for the CrestClean team who ensured everything was spotlessly clean and hygienic for donors attending a New Zealand Blood Service clinic.

Makalita Afelee and Afelee Niumea had their work cut out in preparing the large church building that was used as the venue for the mobile clinic in New Plymouth.

All surfaces had to be thoroughly wiped and cleansed with an anti-viral sanitiser, a process that had to be repeated for the duration of the clinic.

“It was quite a huge area for us to clean,” says Makalita.

But the job brought the husband and wife team a feeling of having played an important role in ensuring the highest levels of cleanliness and hygiene were maintained as people came to donate blood.

“The medical team at the clinic thanked us and said we’d done a really good job,” says Makalita.

”It feels fantastic to get good feedback and that we were able to help out with this type of sanitising work.”

Makalita says they felt confident to carry out the sanitising work having recently attended a special training session to equip CrestClean business owners with the necessary skills.

The training seminar, featuring a live online video presentation, was beamed to CrestClean teams across the country so they were prepared if called upon to carry out a full pandemic sanitisation clean.

The seminar, which was delivered by Master Cleaners Training Institute via Zoom, had a strong health and safety component. It included a section showing how to correctly put on and safely remove personal protective equipment (PPE).

“It was very useful training for us and gave us the confidence to carry out this type of sanitising,” says Makalita.

Naresh Mani, CrestClean’s Taranaki Regional Manager, says Makalita and Afelee are very experienced cleaners.

“Our people are fully trained and well equipped for this type of cleaning. They enjoy what they are doing and take a real pride in being able to deliver this specialist service.”


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