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Sweet appreciation on ‘Thank Your Cleaner Day’ for a job well done

Cottonsoft’s Kirsten Watson presents franchisees Shiva and Shartika Naicker with goodie bags.

If you could get paid in chocolate, would you? Strictly speaking, CrestClean franchisees Shiva and Shartika aren’t paid in chocolate, but they often receive sweet little ‘bonuses’.

Cottonsoft employees regularly show their appreciation by leaving chocolate bars and other gifts on their desks for the pair to find when they come in to do their cleaning shift.

And when it was ‘Thank Your Cleaner Day’, they got an extra special gift — four goodie bags to share with their team.

Cottonsoft pleased to have CrestClean back

It has been a happy reunion for Shiva and Shartika, who previously cleaned for Cottonsoft and have recently been reinstated.

“They used to clean at Cottonsoft many years ago, then they used another team for a number of years before coming back to CrestClean,” says Auckland East Regional Manager Linda Hill.

“Shiva and Shartika asked if they could have the contract again and Cottonsoft was delighted as they had been such good cleaners in the past.”

CrestClean’s high standard of work praised

Cottonsoft Customer Services Manager Kirsten Watson praised Shiva and Shartika’s attention to detail.

“Our site is not an easy site to clean. With tissue, it sticks to the carpet and spreads everywhere. Every time we walk into the building in the morning it’s just so clean,” says Kirsten.

“And if they have any issues they flag it with me; there’s always good, open communication. I’m extremely happy with them. I get lots of compliments for the cleaners, not complaints. It’s so much better than what we previously had.”

Kirsten says the appreciation goes both ways, with the couple also leaving treats for Cottonsoft staff.

“For Diwali they left us some homemade treats. They’ve formed relationships with different people in the office. Some people will leave little notes for them… and we know Shartika is quite fond of chocolate!”

Large cleaning contract grows franchisee success

Chocolate aside, taking on the Cottonsoft contract, which is seven days a week, was the perfect opportunity for Shiva and Shartika to grow their franchise.

“We have been with CrestClean for six years. Since then we’ve taken on three staff; now our business is worth $200,000. And we are planning to do more this year,” says Shartika.

“Cottonsoft is a big contract. Before, the company was small, now it’s doubled in size. We clean the whole area — the offices, warehouse and production areas. It’s the size of a school.

“When they saw us, it was ‘you guys are back’. They were so happy to see us. Every week there is something left on someone’s desk for us.”


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