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Business ownership gives Karen more time and energy for motherhood

Cleaner spending time with her 18-month-old son.
Karen Taojo with her 18-month-old son Gavin.

Working night shifts and looking after a busy toddler on just five hours’ sleep soon took its toll on Karen Taojo.

While she was at home with her 18-month-old son Gavin during the day, Karen felt like she wasn’t able to be the mother she wanted to be.

“Gavin’s very energetic, all the time!” says Karen.

There had to be a better way — and, in buying a CrestClean franchise, Karen found it.

After talking to CrestClean franchise owners in her church group, she decided being a business owner, where she got to set her own hours of work, was the answer.

While it’s early days operating her business, she is already reaping the rewards.

“I have found the right job for me, I can look after my son and spend lots of time with him, and I have more energy than before,” says Karen.

“Being a part of CrestClean is such a blessing and a great opportunity for me. It’s not just a business opportunity, it’s an opportunity to look after my son really well compared to before.”

Plus, says Karen, she is working less hours while bringing home the same income as in her previous job.

Karen moved to New Zealand from the Philippines in 2008 with her husband, Dan, and their eldest son, DK, who is now 15.

She worked in several jobs before settling into a role at a meat processing plant in Ashburton, grading lamb.

While she enjoyed the work, when Gavin was born she started looking for a more family-friendly alternative.

“It was difficult for me because I would finish work at 1.30am, go to bed at 2.30am, and then I’d wake up at 8am. So, I started to think ‘I need to change careers’,” says Karen.

“My friends at CrestClean said they had plenty of time to look after their families, and it wasn’t a hard job because you could choose your own time to clean the sites.”

Karen currently cleans five sites, starting work in the early evening and finishing by 9.30pm.

“I’m not as tired, and the main things is I’m happy.”

She recommends CrestClean to other mothers with young children who are looking for a career change.

“If you have a chance to buy a franchise with CrestClean then go for it, it’s worth it.”


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