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Franchisees in the pink with arrival of baby girl

Dhaval and Kamini Chaudhari are excited to become parents.

With the arrival of a new baby girl, Dhaval and Kamini Chaudhari have a few sleepless nights ahead of them — but one thing that won’t be keeping them up at night is their finances.

As CrestClean franchisees, they are building a successful business to support their family now and into the future.

With the potential to grow the business and the ability to schedule their working hours around family life, it’s a ‘win-win’, says Dhaval.

“When you work for yourself, it’s a good feeling. It’s less pressure because you’re your own boss. If you work efficiently, the time you put in makes your business grow.”

When they first bought the franchise, Kamini was working in the hospitality industry but, as they picked up more cleaning contracts, she left her job to focus on the business.

Dhaval currently works as a logistics stock controller during the day, cleaning in the evenings with support from his parents, sister and brother-in-law.

“I’m still doing a fulltime job but, with a baby on the way, I wanted to do something part-time to make some extra money,” says Dhaval.

“It’s a family business. Kamini and I are franchise owners, but family and friends help out when we need it.”

The new parents plan to grow their franchise alongside their family, with Dhaval eventually working fulltime in the business.

“It will give me more flexibility. In the daytime I will still have plenty of time with my kids.”

Having a baby has been life-changing and they want to spend as much time as they can with their little girl, says Dhaval.

“We were waiting for so long for a child and we were very excited to see her. She’s finally here.”

CrestClean’s South Christchurch Regional Manager Gina Holland says one of the perks of being in her position is to watch franchisees achieve their dreams.

“It’s so neat to watch a team like Dhaval and Kamini grow their business and their family side-by-side. They are a perfect example of how a successful CrestClean franchise can work for a family to give the perfect work-life balance.”


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