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Helping maintain high standards and safety at Viand Foods

Cleaner praised for work.
CrestClean franchisee Pooja Nandini enjoys cleaning at Viand Foods.

When Viand Foods, an award-winning specialty meats producer, decided to outsource their cleaning, they wanted a service that they could ‘set and forget’ — and they found it in CrestClean.

“The communication’s good. We set out what we need them to do and it gets done. In the morning when we come in the place is tidy; it’s great,” says CEO Robert Bell.

“We had an in-house cleaner before, but when we moved premises we decided to employ a contractor. I don’t have any issues. There’s no grief or anything. I would definitely recommend CrestClean.”

In safe hands

A New Zealand, family-owned small goods manufacturer based in Auckland, Viand Foods produces the ‘Leonard’s’ and ‘Swiss Deli’ range of meats, including bacon, sausages, roast beef, European deli meats and manuka-smoked Christmas hams.

Having won multiple awards in the prestigious Annual Retail Meat NZ sausage awards, the 30-year-old company prides itself on high safety standards and wanted a cleaning service that was both professional and safe.

Regular two-monthly audits by CrestClean ensure the standard of cleaning remains high, says Robert.

“Linda Hill, the Regional Manager, comes around and does a check-in quite often which is nice.”

Linda says it’s always gratifying to receive a good review from customers, acknowledging the high-quality service that CrestClean strives to provide.

“I think it’s really great that, with the chemicals and the training that our franchisees undergo, we’re able to ensure the hygiene and safety of the people working at Viand,” says Linda.

A change of career

CrestClean franchisee Pooja Nandini has been cleaning the Viand offices in Auckland for almost a year and says the staff are always friendly and welcoming.

“It’s a good customer. Mostly when I go in, I meet all the nightshift staff. They are really friendly and helpful. When I’m working, they start a conversation; even if it’s getting late we still have a good chat.”

The food industry is not new to Pooja, who previously worked in a hotel as the food and beverage team leader.

She moved to New Zealand from Fiji six years ago to study hospitality but found the industry did not pay enough.

“I was getting really low pay and was struggling. I was trying to send money home to Fiji because my mother is alone there,” says Pooja.

When a friend, who had owned a CrestClean franchise for 15 years decided to sell, she bought it and hasn’t looked back.

“Everything has worked out really well.”


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