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Puppy love for Auckland franchisees

Cleaners with their dog.
Laadoo the Siberian husky likes to wear the CrestClean uniform just like his owners Harry and Joy Singh.

Harry and Joy Singh always wanted to own a dog, but they were worried having a furry friend would make it difficult to find a rental property.

Becoming CrestClean franchisees soon solved the problem! Eight months later they were able to buy their own home… and with it, Laadoo the Siberian husky.

The couple previously had an Indian takeaways business but their earnings fluctuated and, while they had a deposit for a house, they knew they wouldn’t be able to get a mortgage without a stable income.

“We wanted a constant income so we could buy a house quickly and we wanted to have a dog, but when you’re a tenant you really don’t have many options,” says Harry.

“Someone suggested buying a CrestClean franchise. I had cleaning experience, so I thought, why not.”

Since buying their Auckland franchise two years ago, Harry and Joy have quadrupled the size of their business.

“That has been my goal since day one, to grow the business. It’s a lot of hard work, but we’re happy,” says Harry.

“We would like to thank our Regional Manager Dries Mangnus for his ongoing support, mentoring and kindness. And also, Quality Assurance Co-ordinator Julia Griffin and General Manager Training Liezl Foxcroft for all their help and advice.”

Laadoo, whose name means ‘sweet Indian dumpling’, likes to wear Joy’s CrestClean shirt and has become the business’ unofficial mascot.

“We tried it on him and then he wouldn’t let it go, he kept on wearing it. I think he really enjoys wearing it,” says Harry.

The six-month-old pup has filled a gap in their lives and helps them unwind from a busy day, he adds.

“We were busy working to build our future, but we were missing something. We always wanted to have a dog. Now when we come back and we’re tired, we spend 10 minutes with Laadoo and we are refreshed again.”

Having a dog is a lot easier than having children, says Harry, who does not envy his friends who are are raising teenagers.

“He’s never going to use a laptop or social media and he doesn’t wear clothes… well, not usually.”


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