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North Harbour franchisees leap into home ownership

Cleaners jump in the air outside their new home.
Rizwan Khan and Fazia Ali show their excitement outside their new home.

Just one year after buying a CrestClean business, Rizwan Khan and Fazia Ali are jumping for joy.

The success of their business has enabled the North Harbour franchisees to buy their first home, a beautiful, near-new, five-bedroom property.

“We’re pretty shocked that we have done this in such a small amount of time. We should have done this years ago!” says Fazia.

The couple joined CrestClean after returning from Australia — they had moved across the ditch in pursuit of new opportunities but missed New Zealand so much that they returned a year later.

“We couldn’t settle in Australia because we were missing home. We love New Zealand, the weather is better and it’s more beautiful,” says Fazia.

“When we came back, we thought it was time to buy a house, and a good way to do that was to get our own business.”

They had a friend who was a CrestClean franchisee and he recommended that they look into it.

“He said it was a good company, so we started over, with CrestClean.”

Fazia, 28, was previously a pre-school teacher, and Rizwan, 32, a supermarket storeman — now they both work fulltime in their CrestClean business and love the flexibility it gives them to spend time with their five-year-old daughter, Maheera.

“We get more family time in this business and it’s stress-free; you’re your own boss,” says Fazia.

Having ticked off buying a house, a “dream vehicle” is next on the list for Rizwan.

“Then, our next goal will be to get a small investment property,” says Fazia.

“Without CrestClean this would not have been possible. We’re so glad we did it.”

CrestClean’s North Harbour Regional Manager Neil Kumar says Fazia and Rizwan are “real heroes”.

“The recipe to success is hard work, commitment, professionalism, teamwork, good client relationships and being proactive. I can happily say that Rizwan and Fazia have all these capabilities,” says Neil.

“They work hard and listen to advice, which they have proved by buying their first home. They are good people to deal with and I hope all their dreams come true.”


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