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Home with a view for Taupo franchisees

Ravinsh and Glenis Chand outside their Taupo home.

Snow-capped mountains and lake vistas — that is what Ravinesh and Glenis Chand get to enjoy from their perfectly positioned three-bedroom home.

It is very different to their native Fiji, but the Taupō franchisees love it so much they never want to leave.

Ravinesh moved to New Zealand in 2009, initially working in Auckland for a screen printing and embroidery company. Six months later, after being made redundant, he moved to Taupō where he picked up similar work, with Glenis and their daughter Tanisha joining him a year later.

In 2015, having gained residency, the couple decided to become CrestClean business owners.

“My sister has had a CrestClean business in Auckland for a long time. She told me it was a good business. I had been thinking about it since I came to New Zealand, so when I got my residency I told Glenis we should get onto it,” says Ravinesh.

“You can make very good money with CrestClean, and I like being my own boss. I can’t work for anyone else now. That’s what I love, and my wife working with me. We are partners 50-50. We’re both really happy and enjoying it.”

Two and a half years after joining CrestClean, Ravinesh and Glenis built a brand-new, three-bedroom home, which captures views of Lake Taupō and the central plateau mountain range.

Ravinesh and Glenis Chand enjoy a stroll beside Lake Taupō.

“We are about two minutes’ drive from the lake, and we can see the mountains from our house too. In winter, when we sit at the table having our dinner, we love seeing how much snow is on them,” says Ravinesh.

“We love Taupo, especially in summer, it’s the best place in New Zealand. All our family are in Auckland, but we have decided to stay here. We like the lake and the views, and there are really nice, friendly people here in Taupo. It’s a small town, everybody knows you.”

CrestClean’s Taupo Regional Managers, Mark and Sonia Fredrick, say that Ravinesh and Glenis are very professional in all they do and a pleasure to work with.

“Customer feedback on their work is very complementary as they both consistently deliver clean hygienic working environments for their customers. Well done Ravinesh and Glenis!”


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