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Wayne and Fion celebrate a ‘healthy’ 10 years with CrestClean

Auckland West franchisee Wayne Ng was proud to receive his 10-Year Long Service Award.

After 10 years with CrestClean, Wayne Ng and his wife Fion Lai have built up a solid reputation — particularly with their healthcare customers — for providing a meticulous cleaning service.

Which is hardly surprising, considering the couple are both healthcare professionals themselves! Wayne is a registered podiatrist and Fion has just completed her second year of nursing studies.

They say they have been able to pursue their healthcare careers thanks to their CrestClean business which has provided them with a stable income and flexible hours.

“I particularly like cleaning for healthcare clients. Because I am in the healthcare industry myself, we have common topics to talk about, and I understand the high standard of hygiene required.”

Wayne moved to New Zealand in 1992 to study engineering, returning to Hong Kong in 2002, where he worked as an engineer at an electronics factory for 10 years.

In 2012, he decided to return to New Zealand with Fion and their two young sons, who are now 12 and 14.

“I liked the environment in New Zealand, and I wanted our sons to study here,” says Wayne.

Wanting to own his own business, he decided to invest in a CrestClean franchise after talking to friends who had a cleaning business.

“I thought it would be a good way to start my own business, so I looked around at several different cleaning companies and I found that CrestClean was a good brand, so I joined.”

Wayne and Fion have since tripled the size of their business, while still finding time for their studies.

“I had time during the day, so I chose to do a podiatry degree. I’d had an injury from playing badminton and saw a podiatrist as part of my rehab. There are a lot of people from China here who haven’t heard of podiatry, so I thought with my native Cantonese and Mandarin, there would be a market… 90 per cent of my podiatry customers are from China.”

Wayne opened a podiatry clinic in 2019, but during the pandemic he switched to a mobile service, treating patients at home and in aged care facilities.

“It works out really well. I do podiatry during the day — about 20 hours a week — and work in my CrestClean business after 5pm.”

Also a qualified Hard Floor Care and Carpet Cleaning specialist, Wayne says he often recommends CrestClean to others.

“When people see my van and ask about CrestClean, I tell them it’s a good company. The brand is well known, you can see the growth and you gain a lot of skills from the training provided.”

In recognition of his 10 years as CrestClean business owner, Wayne was presented with a Long Service Award by Auckland West Regional Master Franchisee Caro Wedding.

“We are delighted and proud to have Wayne and Fion on our team. They are highly skilled cleaners and are hand chosen for healthcare customers. This is based on their eye for detail and an understanding of this industry, including the importance of no cross-contamination throughout out our cleaning processes,” says Caro.

“Throughout the pandemic they have been an important go-to team for healthcare customers and continue to work closely with the New Zealand Blood Service, which stepped up its cleaning requirements with the onset of Covid.”


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