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Manawatu Inland Port sings CrestClean franchisee’s praises

CrestClean franchisee Richard Leathers, centre right, with, from left, Jimmy Derouet, George Twort, James Smith-Rodie, Bobby Pritchard, Lynny Henry and Seth Clayton, from Manawatu Inland Port Ltd.

CrestClean franchisee Richard Leathers has been acknowledged by Manawatu Inland Port Ltd for his exemplary work ethic.

Site Manager Mutu Ngarimu was so impressed with the standard of Richard’s work that he contacted Shareen Raj, CrestClean’s Palmerston North Regional Master Franchisee, to sing his praises.

“It’s quite noticeable after Richard’s been, you can see a big difference,” says Mutu.

“He’s got a great attitude. He’s professional, he does his job really well, and he pays attention to detail. He’s respectful of his surroundings, and what works for our business, like if you’re having a meeting he’ll go away and come back later.”

Mutu says he got in touch with Shareen to say what a fantastic job Richard was doing because celebrating success was an important part of the team culture at Manawatu Inland Port.

“Whenever I’ve managed different businesses, I’ve always respected the cleaners and the tasks involved. Sometimes people don’t acknowledge or notice their performance and look down at their roles, but I want to break down the barriers. Regardless of the role or position, if they’re passionate and good at what they’re doing, let’s acknowledge their performance and celebrate that.

“I’ve been in businesses where I’ve managed 400 people and you get a bit of an eye for good people. I’ve only known Richard for a short time but he’s someone you can trust. He’s got all the right attributes in bucketloads.”

Richard joined CrestClean a year ago, after speaking with franchisees he met while working as a security guard.

“That’s when I stumbled on CrestClean, while I was doing security work. I didn’t realise they were actually franchisees, or business owners, and hearing about it and what a good opportunity it was motivated me to buy a business myself.”

In just 12 months, Richard has grown his business by 50%. “I’ve got 11 customers in total and definitely plan to grow it more in the future.”

Shareen says Richard’s professionalism and enthusiasm towards his business and customers is incredible and she is proud to have him as part of the CrestClean ‘family’.

“Richard takes pride in what he does at each and every customer site. He has built trust and gained the respect of his customers and his peers. He has a wider mindset towards his business goals, and has absorbed the CrestClean culture,” says Shareen.

“It’s always a proud moment to receive comments that show how much our franchisees care about their work and their customers. I’m glad to have such a motivated young man on our team.”


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