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Motivational meeting for North Harbour franchisees

CrestClean’s North Harbour franchisees recently attended a training session, to recognise their hard work, meet new team members and upskill.

“Strengthening the bond among franchisees creates a more cohesive and supportive work environment. My goal is to build a team that is not only efficient but also feels like a family,” says Regional Master Franchisee Neil Kumar.

“Recognising and appreciating everyone’s hard work boosts morale and motivates them to continue delivering an exceptional service. Each person’s contribution is vital to our success as a company.”

Best practices, quality issues and the importance of wearing the correct uniform, were some of the topics discussed.

“Quality is of utmost importance to us. By openly discussing concerns and brainstorming solutions together, we can continuously improve our service and exceed customer expectations,” says Neil.

“The CrestClean uniform is an important part of our professionalism, demonstrating our commitment to excellence and helping us build trust with our present and future customers.”

The session also delved into strategies for conquering fear, offering franchisees valuable insights and guidance

“Overcoming fear is essential for personal and professional growth. We want to create a supportive environment where our team members can overcome their fears and unlock their full potential,” says Neil.

“Overall, it was a very enjoyable and productive meeting, and everyone left feeling motivated and ready to put into practice the knowledge gained.”


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