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CrestClean colours shine on the court at annual Filipino basketball tournament

The Tauranga Filipino Society Inc. basketball team
The Tauranga Filipino Society Inc. basketball team.

Cesar Rogacion and his basketball team are back on the court sporting CrestClean colours at this year’s tournament. As the coach and a player on the team, Cesar is actively involved in managing the team both on and off the court.

The tournament is an annual gathering of the Filipino community. This year, all games are held at Mercury Baypark Arena in Tauranga.

As a CrestClean franchisee himself, Cesar is proud to stand on the court in his CrestClean-sponsored uniform. The team gets a new uniform every year, complete with CrestClean logos and colours.

Cesar Rogacion represents CrestClean at the annual Filipino basketball tournament.

“There is a new uniform every year thanks to CrestClean’s never-ending support,” says Cesar.

With eight teams playing every Saturday and 15 players on each team, the tournament attracts a large number of spectators. Cesar says the tournament is a perfect marketing opportunity.

“It’s a really good advertisement avenue for us. We’re going to win so that they will know CrestClean is a winner. We’re number one in cleaning, and we’re number one in basketball.” he laughs.

While it’s a competitive event, Cesar says the basketball teams have given the Filipino community an opportunity to build a supportive network. For Cesar’s team, the weekly training sessions have helped strengthen friendships between teammates. 

“We get to know each other and build a camaraderie. It’s really helpful for every Filipino,” says Cesar.

Cesar appreciates the support he receives from CrestClean, particularly Tauranga Regional Master Franchisee, Jan Lichtwark. Cesar says Jan frequently checks in to see how the team’s going and to make sure they’re looking after themselves and avoiding injury.

“Jan has supported us every year and we’re really thankful for him,” says Cesar

“I’m teary-eyed when I start talking about Jan because I had nothing before he helped me start my business. I’m really thankful for CrestClean. It’s a family.”

The Tauranga Filipino Society Inc. (TFSI) team took home a win after their first game, starting the tournament with a bang. They’ll be back every Saturday for the next six weeks in this double round robin, so get down to Mercury Arena to cheer them on!


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