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CrestClean franchisees achieve new training record in 2023

CrestClean franchisees attend Module One training session.
CrestClean franchisees attend Module One training session.

A record-breaking 2149 people completed CrestClean’s various training programmes in 2023. This impressive number represents a significant increase compared to previous years, highlighting franchisees’ commitment to upskilling and providing exceptional service to their customers.

General Manager of Training, Liezl Foxcroft, says that making training programmes as accessible as possible was a key factor in the increased uptake. Understanding that some new franchisees juggle a second job, Liezl has reduced the number of training days in the first year down to three.

“It used to be four, plus half a day for skills. We really have listened and tried to do what we can,” says Liezl.

“They’re not consecutive either. You might do two days of Module One and then within six months, take another day off to do Module Two.”

CrestClean franchisees attend a training session in Wanaka.
CrestClean franchisees attend a training session in Wanaka.

Annual skills training is now also available online, so franchisees can complete this in their own time, rather than take half a day off to attend training. Online training was originally developed to overcome logistical challenges during COVID, but it became a highly valuable resource going forward.

“During COVID, we couldn’t have people congregating, so we did it online and it worked. We’ve now modified it and carried on doing it online. So, every year we get every single franchisee through skills online,” says Liezl.

“We had more people through skills last year than ever before. I’ve changed the whole programme to focus on personal development as well as business.”

“On the whole, everyone seems to be really positive about it. It’s not the same old every year and they all seem to be learning something new from it.”

Effective planning has always been a top priority for Liezl. For skills training, Liezl plans four years in advance. However, commercial cleaning training programmes need to be refreshed every year to reflect protocol changes, such as new chemicals and new uniform items.

In 2023, Liezl asked each region what training programmes they’d like prioritised, ensuring the most in-demand training was delivered at the right time.

“Before we delivered training, we’d ask each region if there was anything else they needed done urgently. It might be specialist services like carpet care and floor care, and we try to maximise the trainer’s time there,” says Liezl.

As the developer of CrestClean training programmes, Liezl keeps her finger on the pulse, attending webinars, courses and conferences every chance she can get. Liezl tracks industry trends and innovations to create relevant and interesting training opportunities for the year ahead.

“I look out for anything new that’s about to hit the market. If I see others moving towards something, then generally New Zealand will follow. So, I keep a close eye on that as well,” says Liezl.

Franchisees are motivated to upskill and provide more services to their customers. Liezl appreciates the help from Master Franchisees who communicate this benefit to franchisees in their region.

“At the moment, I think we’ve got over 85% compliance, which is really good. Some regions have 100%, so it depends on how much the Master Franchisee helps us as well,” says Liezl.

All franchisees actively participate at each training session, sharing their experiences and problem solving together. The open conversation also allows franchisees to build relationships with others in their region.

“There’s a lot of sharing that goes on and that’s why it’s so good that they come to training,” says Liezl.

“We don’t teach; we train. Training is active involvement.”

Well done to all who attended training programmes last year. Let’s try to make 2024 another record-breaking year!


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